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Naziv: Slovenia F3F Cup 2022 - Open International
Datum: 22.04.2022 - 24.04.2022
Kategorija: Class F3F Radio control slope soaring

Naslov: Strmca, Nanos, Vremscica, Golec
Kraj: Vipava R/C model airfield
Država: Slovenija

Prijave možne od: 31.03.2022
Prijave možne do: 31.03.2022
Število prostih mest: 40

Prijave niso več možne.

Stanje prijav


Registration date: 01.02. - 31.03.2022

Registration place: www.f3xvault.com

Maximum number of contestants: 40 (waiting list will open accordingly)


Rules: According FAI sporting code, Section 4 – Aeromodelling Volume F3

Radio Control Soaring Model Aircraft Edition 1st January 2022

Class: F3F with local rules.


FAI License: All competitors must hold a valid FAI sport license for 2022.

EU regulation 2019/947: unique registration number / each pilot.


Ranking: First 3 ranks, fastest flight.


Frequencies: It is allowed to use frequencies within the 35Mhz and 40MHz band (Uradni list RS št. 91 / 2001). The legal frequencies in Slovenia are in the 35 MHz band from 34.995Mhz up to 35.225Mhz and in the 40MHz band: 40.665 Mhz – 40,695Mhz and free 2,4GHz. The use of other frequencies not recognized officially in Slovenia, will not be accepted in the competition.


Insurance: All participants must hold a valid FAI License 2022- and third-party insurance for flying R/C models in Slovenia. FAI licenses will be checked before the contest.


Contest Director: Tadej Gostinčar


Jury: 3 members and a reserve member will be appointed during pilots briefing before the contest.


Competition fee:


60€ senior including meal (Saturday dinner)

35 € junior including meal (Saturday dinner)


Payment: Competition fee payment must be sent to bank account of Modelarsko drustvo Ventus until closure of registration (31.03.2022).


Purpose of payment: F3F – name of competitor.

IBAN: SI 56640009402020279

Swift code: HKVISI 22



Or Paypal account: jure.marc@gmail.com


Due to the tax regulation in Slovenia, we do not accept on-site payments.


If you need invoice of the payment, please send an email to jure.marc@gmail.com


Spoken languages: Slovenian, English, German


Official language: English


Protest: Protest fee is 50€ and needs to be paid when submitting the protest. A protest must be submitted before the start of the next round. In case that protest was justified, protest fee is returned.

Liability: All competitors compete at their own risk. The organizer cannot be held responsible for damages, injuries or death caused by competitor or third person.


Program details and timing (*)


It is forbidden for all pilots to fly on a competition slope before opening a flight day without the approval of the competition director.


Reflights are possible after the landing as soon as possible .


Friday 22.04.2022:


07.30 – 08.30h Meeting in Postojna, Bale bar Cafe, Titova cesta 10, GPS: 45.771368, 14.201964

- FAI licence check and hand out of starting numbers.

08.30 – 09.00 Driving to the slope

09.00 h Briefing on the slope

11.00 h Start of the first round

17.00 h End of day one and slope site for Saturday announcement


Saturday 23.04.2022:


08.00 h Driving to the slope

09.00 h Briefing on the slope

10.00 h Start of the first round

17.00 h End of day two and slope site for Sunday announcement

18.00 h Banquet at Vipava R/C model airfield


Sunday 24.04.2022:


08.00 h Driving to the slope

08.30 h Briefing on the slope

09.30 h Start of the first round

- Flying rounds until 14.00 h, no new rounds after this time

15.00 h End of the competition

- Collection of starting numbers

- Prize giving ceremony


(*) Time schedule is subject to change depending on weather and other unforeseen circumstances.


Slope coordinates:


  1. Strmca, S wind: 45.837578, 14.205610

  2. Nanos, S wind: 45.783186, 14.035337

  3. Vremscica, N wind: 45.688111, 14.062461

  4. Golec, N wind: 45.829790, 13.822693

You can find slope layout here (link to files).




Will be held at R/C model airfield at 18 o’clock with dishes from barbeque.

(Depends on current Covid restrictions - could be cancelled)